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Beyond The Beach: Traveler’s Guide To Aruba

Aruba is a tropical island in the south Caribbean, around 20 miles north of Venezuela. It’s a territory of the Netherlands, and the official language is Dutch, though most locals speak a European- and West Africa-influenced creole called Papiamento. Travelers […]

Stonegrilled Cooking in a 19th Century Aruban Farmhouse

Papiamento. Yes, it’s the language spoken in the ABC islands, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao but most importantly it’s the name of one of the best restaurants in Aruba. Papiamento Restaurant is a typical 19th century Aruban farmhouse that features delicious […]

Language Lessons of Aruba: 15 Phrases in Papiamento

While it’s true that most locals in Aruba know how to speak English, as well as Spanish and Dutch, it’s still always appreciated when tourists know at least a few words in the local language. Here is a short tutorial […]

International Booze Cruise: The Best Local Cocktails From Around The World

One of my favorite ways to get to know a culture is through their national and regional drinks. Here, I share some of my favorite libations from around the world, so you can bring them from abroad to your home. […]

How I Work With PR

Jessie on a Journey is always looking to cover worthwhile destinations from unique angles. Select companies we’ve worked with in the past between Jessie on a Journey and Jessie’s online magazine, Epicure & Culture, include: Big Island Tourism: A week […]

13 Lessons Learned From Visiting Different Cultures and Countries

No matter where I travel to, from rural villages in Thailand to picturesque mountain-towns in Switzerland to laid-back islands like Aruba, I always seem to make some philosophical and personal revelations about travel, life, and myself. Here are some of […]