Language Lessons of Aruba: 15 Phrases in Papiamento


An exhibit from the Aruba Airport

While it’s true that most locals in Aruba know how to speak English, as well as Spanish and Dutch, it’s still always appreciated when tourists know at least a few words in the local language. Here is a short tutorial to help you at least make small talk in the local language of Papiamento (spoken in the ABC islands- Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao).

Welcome- Bon Bini

Thank You- Danki

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening- Bon Dia/Tardi/Nochi

How Are You?- Con Ta Bai?

I Am Fine- Mi Ta Bon

Goodbye- Ajo

Spicy Food- Pica

Sweet- Dushi

Hot Weather- Cayente

Water- Awa

What Time Is It?- Kwan Tor Tin

See You Later- Te Aworo

I Want…- Me Kier

How Much Does This Cost?- Kwanto Esaki Ta Costa?

Let’s Go Out- Ban Sali

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