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Turning Australia’s Great Ocean Road Into A Great Ocean Road Trip

bay of islands

Bay of Islands

As a passionate traveler, I’m always looking for new ways to experience things. While I’d heard of the Great Ocean Road in Australia, I’d never heard of anyone doing it as a road trip. I’m not one to say no to an adventure, so when I was invited to tour this area in a more adventurous way, I jumped at the chance. Here’s why you should, too. While many think the Great Ocean Road begins in Melbourne, it actually doesn’t start until Torquay, the epicenter of surf culture. It’s no wonder the township is full of Billabongs and Quiksilvers, as it’s home to the famous Bells Beach. Ever seen the film Point Break? Yes, that Bells Beach. During Easter Weekend each year surfers come for the Rip Curl Pro Surfing Competition, although any time of year you’ll be able to watch surfers ride enormous waves and show off their skills. The Great Ocean Road is very windy – almost like a carnival ride – showcasing alternating strips of modern and Victorian architecture, lush forest and charming towns on one side and the ceylon blue water on the other. It’s impossible to get car sick as the fresh ocean breeze revitalizes the senses. By Lorne you’ll probably be hungry. Stop in at Grandma Shields Bakery for an award-winning meat pie. I’m not sure who is giving these awards out, but nevertheless, Grandma Shields makes one mean beef and mushroom pie, and her pastries aren’t too bad either. If you eat outside, expect to see plenty of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos – large white birds with sun-yellow crests – searching for food. Click here to read the rest

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