6 Must-Have Apps For Planning Your Next Trip

trip planning apps

Long gone are the days where planning a trip required a guidebook and a computer. With most major travel planning sites creating their own app and a few independent apps becoming available as well, it’s completely possible to plan – and book – your next trip from your phone.

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City Guides, Offline Maps by Stay.com. This is one of the best apps available for planning an itinerary in a city. It allows you to browse things to do in many major cities around the world and then download the itinerary and map to your phone to use offline. Even if you choose to go without a planned itinerary, downloading a map of a city is always a good idea.

HostelWorld. HostelWorld is the leading site for booking hostel rooms around the world and if you plan on staying in hostels during your travel, you need the app. It’s recently redesigned so it’s much more user-friendly and allows you to view hostels in your destination, read reviews, and book right from your phone.

Kayak. There are a ton of apps out there to help you book a flight but I still find Kayak to be the best. Search and book national and international flights without heading to a computer, nearly always with the best rates available.

TripIt. For all of us who are terrible at keeping things organized, TripIt is a life saver. Simply forward all travel-related emails to the app and it’ll keep everything from your confirmation number to flight info ready to go. It even puts everything into a calendar so you know exactly when to be where you need to go. Goodbye to all the panic of trying to find that confirmation number for your flight to Iceland as you run out the door to the airport.

Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is arguably one of the best ways to connect with locals while you travel. Though the site (and app) is famous for connecting travelers with a couch to crash on, and the app can definitely help you find free accommodation, the Couchsurfing community offers so much more. Use the app to find events happening in your destination that will give you a chance to connect with locals or organize a meetup yourself.

Instagram. Chances are you won’t find the best travel advice on Instagram, though more and more accounts are including relevant travel information with their posts, it’s the perfect place to get inspiration. Then, when you hit the road upload pictures of your own adventure. I recommend VSCO Cam for editing but this roundup offers other great suggestions.



  1. Couple to add to the list…triposo offline sightseeing, restaurant, and tour guide. Rome2Rio or fetchmyway for all the travel booking, and meetup because you never know when something cool is happening where you are.

  2. Check out Gogobot. It’s great for places to go, things to do, and you can get advice from fellow travelers.
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    Steve Hunter 3

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