Travel Essentials I’m Loving Right Now [Video]

This Christmas I received a very exciting gift from Santa (aka my mom), who apparently knew I wanted to get more into video production: a ZOOM H5 Recorder and 4-track Microphone! I’ll mainly be using it for my Travel ASMR YouTube channel; however, I also want to do more of these personal travel tips and insider videos for the site.

I also received a GoPro microphone (Oh, Santa, you know me so well), so I’ll be doing more action video with actual sound rather than just music. Stay tuned for that!

Along with the awesome video creation gear I received, I also procured a number of travel must haves. Some were presents and some I discovered while crafting gift guides for my writing outlets. In the video above I show you some of my favorites, from an item that cures a vagabond’s muscle cramps after a long day of exploring to a gadget allowing trail blazers to get lost in the woods for months while still having access to clean drinking water. Check it out for yourself above.

I’d also love to hear from you about what travel must haves you’ve discovered this winter, either below or in the comments on YouTube. What would be at the top of your list?


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  1. Thanks for the video! It gave me several ideas for my own travels (not so much the make-up). 🙂 I always take my Bose QuietComfort 20 ear buds when I travel. Not a budget item but they are so small and work so well on noisy aircraft that I make sure I take them along. Saved my sanity from many a crying baby…

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