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Quiz: Are You Ready To Be A Travel Blogger?

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Are You Ready To Be A Travel Blogger?

I get messages everyday from people wanting to change their lives and follow their passion for travel. Trust me when I say it’s much more difficult than simply going on vacation and uploading a few photos. How ready are you to live your best life and start your travel blogging journey?
  1. How good are you with time management?

  2. Great! Give me a task and I’ll get it done early.
    Total procrastinator.
    I’m okay.

  3. How would you handle working from home?

  4. Lots of TV and naps galore.
    I work well on my own, and love cafe work culture.
    I’d handle it okay.

  5. Do you have experience using WordPress?

  6. What’s WordPress?
    I’m so-so.
    I’m a WordPress guru.

  7. Can you define your travel niche right now?

  8. My travel what?
    Absolutely! My specific brand is clear in my mind.
    I have a foggy idea.

  9. What’s SEO?

  10. An old wooden ship.
    Search Engine Optimization. You know, how well you rank in search.
    I know it has something to do with post rankings, but not 100% clear.

  11. How are your photography skills?

  12. I can handle my DSLR like a pro (or at least edit my iPhone photos like one!)
    I don’t own a camera.
    I’m no expert, but I think I’m decent.

  13. Do you want to be a travel blogger because it’s easy?

  14. Duh.
    I’m sure it takes at least some work to be good at it.
    I definitely don’t think it’s easy.

  15. Beyond writing posts, do you have goals for your potential travel blog?

  16. I have to do more than write posts?
    Yes! I already have my first line of e-guides planned out in my head.
    I’d like to offer some kind of products and services, just not sure what yet.

  17. Are you active on social media?

  18. Twitter, Facbeook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube…I’m on it all!
    What’s social media?
    I’m fairly active.

  19. How passionate are you about becoming a travel blogger?

    I think it could potentially be something for me.
    I want it. I think. Maybe. Possibly.

Thank you so much for taking Jessie on a Journey’s Are You Ready To Be A Travel Blogger quiz. Ready for your results? Once you get them click “GIVE ME MORE” to be taken to an explanation page for your results. Happy blogging!

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