Travel ASMR: Exploring Olive Oil Culture In Italy [Video]

In this week’s Travel ASMR video I debunk some common olive oil myths, talk about my experience meeting olive oil producers in Tuscany and take you into the kitchen to cook an olive oil-infused pasta dish. While I hope you learn a lot about the product and Italian culture, I also hope you feel relaxed and tingly while watching. Some triggers you’ll find in this video include whispering, scratching, peeling (I don’t know about you, but the sound of garlic being peeled is a big one for me!), sizzling and mundane tasks.

And as usual, please leave feedback on YouTube. I’m thinking of doing a “Tasty Tuesday” or “Foodie Friday” series similar to this video, looking at different culinary facets of cultures each week and cooking a dish. Thoughts?

Note: For those new to ASMR, these types of videos are focused on relaxation, anxiety reduction and sleep aiding. If you do not feel sensation when watching ASMR, this video might seem weird. Feel free to check it out either way, though, and see if it’s your thing!

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    1. @Nichelle: Thank you for the feedback and glad you’re interested! Typically people use these videos to fall asleep, which is why many ASMR artists strive for 30 minutes or longer. Many wear headphones when listening then slowly drift into meditation or sleep 🙂

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