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11 Reasons The Azores Should Be Your Next Trip

For those having trouble deciding where to go next, I recently returned from a trip to the Azores — a group of nine volcanic islands located 950 miles west of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital — and loved it. To be honest, I’d never heard of the destination before going (bad travel blogger!) and was shocked to…Read more...
sao miguel

Azores Exploration: An Epic São Miguel Road Trip

The first thing you’ll notice is the bright emerald green, lush flora coating mountains and plains, flowers adding a colorful contrast. What makes the scene extra striking is the steam that rises seemingly without reason from the ground, as if you’ve entered a hell’s paradise. It’s important to remember that São Miguel, also referred to…Read more...
sao miguel

Amazing São Miguel Island Views In The Azores

While there are many reasons to visit São Miguel Island in The Azores of Portugal, a main one is the beautiful views. As you drive along the various coasts, you’ll see constant signs beckoning you to take in another spectacular vista. And while some are better than others, I didn’t encounter one single ponto de…Read more...
the edge

5 Ways To Get High In Melbourne, Australia

One fun fact about me is I absolutely love heights. That’s not to say they don’t make me nervous, however, I truly love the dizzying feeling combined with the aerial views. For those visiting Melbourne, there are many ways to see the city from above, or get high, such as: The Edge While many cities…Read more...


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