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The Benefits Of Traveling Solo Later In Life

Solo vacations can initially seem like a daunting experience regardless of age, but more people than ever are choosing this liberating option and that includes seniors and retirees.

Coaxing a parent or grandparent towards taking those first travel steps can also be difficult, but explaining the benefits may just do the trick.

A paid-for vacation is one of the best retirement gifts or birthday presents that a parent could ask for and it could just lead to a new passion for travel in later life. Numerous companies are on hand to help book to perfect getaway package, so take advantage of them.

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Pros Of Traveling Solo

Vacationing alone can be like stepping off a diving board; however, once you’ve taken that leap the fear is gone for good. For many people there’s nothing more exciting than wandering alone through a city such as Paris or New York, discovering new sights or simply sitting in a pavement café, reading and people watching. There’s a sense of freedom that comes with traveling alone and confidence levels will increase when exploring new cultures and meeting other people from around the world.

Older people may need a little encouragement, especially if this type of activity is out of their comfort zone, but you can easily ignite that travel flame by booking and paying for a vacation for them.

Travel Options

If you’re booking a vacation as a present then undertake a little digging to find out the travel option that would appeal the most. For instance, a cruise is a stress-free option when it comes to safely visiting multiple destinations within one trip and everything is pre-planned including meals, on-board activities and shore excursions. With this option it’s simply a case of choosing the desired ports of call, whether that’s the Caribbean Islands or maybe something a little different such as an Arctic adventure. Retirees with a flexible schedule can enjoy longer trips around the world including a once in a lifetime three month voyage – now that would be the perfect retirement present.

Escorted Tours

Traveling solo as part of group on a touring vacation is more likely to hold appeal for those who don’t want to go it completely alone. This option provides all of the benefits of a trip but accommodation, transportation and sight-seeing are all taken care of by professional tour companies. Touring is also an excellent way to meet like-minded travelers with similar interests. There’s a wealth of destinations available such as the beach resorts and cities of Spain, France and Belgium, which can all be enjoyed in one trip or why not book that long-talked about vacation to Ireland – the choice is yours.

Extended Vacations

One major bonus of having plenty of free time is the chance to book extended vacations during the low season months. Consider islands such as sunny Jersey or Crete, the Spanish Balearics or those year round sunshine favorites, the Canary Islands. Booking for the low season autumn, winter and early spring months will bring significantly reduced prices on accommodation and flights, and the islands exude a relaxed ambiance during these periods. Those on vacation will be able to spend longer at chosen destinations during the low season months; restaurants, activities and sightseeing options will also come with reduced prices during the off-seasons.

Journeying around the world in later life will certainly open up new doors and can become an addictive passion. Parents and grandparents can become set in their ways but the challenge of visiting new destinations will probably be more welcomed than you’d imagine — especially if you’ve sparked the idea off with a little subtle encouragement.

What are your thoughts on traveling solo later in life?

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