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travel blogging See what people are saying about Jessie’s blogging and travel products: Starting a blog and breaking into a competitive arena like travel blogging can be intimidating but Jessie’s comprehensive video covered all the basics while providing links and resources to find out more.  She shared tried-and-true tips from her successful websites, while providing alternatives for people who take a different approach to their website.  All of this was presented in an engaging video, suitable for a raw beginner or someone who already knows the basics of website creation.

-Katie Foote of Gypsy Soul Itchy Feete, Ditch The Daily Grind Webinar

I discovered Jessie Festa’s site after reading an article she wrote featured on Matador Network. I was immediately drawn to her page for blog consulting, as that was exactly what I was looking for at the time and her consulting fee is affordable. Jessie offered very helpful insights as to how to build my social media presence and draw in new blog followers. The hour Skype session we had was incredibly useful and I set to work transforming my blog and establishing my social media presence right after speaking with her. I would highly recommend a Skype consultation with Jessie if you are looking to start your own travel blog (or transform an existing one) and you want it to make some money for you. She was super easy to understand, very informative, and most importantly, her advice has helped me with my blog tremendously!

-Lindsay Comer of Life in Russia, One-On-One Blogging Consultation

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone that wants to start blogging as a business. The content is very informative and definitely offers a helpful guide for a newbie. I love that the webinar outlines the big ideas for blogging and provides examples to support how to achieve each component — sprinkled in with Jessie’s experiences, as well. I also liked how Jessie showed the backend of her dashboard, as it was super helpful and really allowed me to understand what she was describing and to see it in action.

-Jessica Yeagar of Traveling Through Life, Ditch The Daily Grind Webinar

I really loved the How to Build A Travel Blog webinar. The video also contained extended information on branding, sponsored links, and plug-ins/widgets. I’m a visual learner so the video showing me the backend of Jessie on a Journey and Epicure & Culture, and the ins and outs of the plugins really helped me understand how they could enhance my blog. It may come as no surprise that I perked up at the “Pitches Resources” and “Creating A Blogger Community” sections. Definitely expect to see some of these tips come alive on my blog, Restless and Roaming. Thank you so much for coming to the aide of fledgling bloggers everywhere!

-Emma Gibson of Restless and Roaming, Ditch The Daily Grind Webinar

I would hands down recommend Jessie’s webinar on how to start a travel blog. She answers so many questions on the in’s and out’s of blogging and really building a brand versus just creating content. I love that the video was something you could visually follow along with and it all felt very personable being able to see how Jessie did these things on her own blogs. Thanks as always Jessie for sharing your travel blogging wisdom!

-Mariana Ruiz of Mariana Ruiz Writing, Ditch The Daily Grind Webinar

I have just finished watching the webinar ‘Ditch the Daily Grind’. I found it very informative. I particularly enjoyed the thorough explanations, detailed thought processes and behind the scenes guide through some of the inner workings of a fully operational travel blog & online magazine. Following my purchase, I was instantly redirected to the video in a seamless checkout experience. Jessie’s personalized email greeting and offer of assistance was greatly appreciated. I find myself waiting eagerly for the next 10 week intensive course to commence, so I can hone my travel blogger skills further.

-Nicholas Coutts, Ditch The Daily Grind Webinar, [ Blog under development]

Thank you for all the great, thoughtful, constructive advice and hard work that went into each and every one of your lessons and discussions! I learned so so so much and had a blast doing it! It helped kick my butt into high gear and I am very happily blogging away! I could not be as far along as I am without your help 🙂

-Sarah Stewart of Sometimes You Need To Cook – How To Create A Blog That Makes Money [Class] 

This was really the best class ever for me. Jessica is amazing; the course content is so comprehensive and I loved every minute of it. It truly was amazing and I learned more in the class than I ever expected to. It’s really inspired me to move forward and do some of the things I’ve been planning on doing for ages and ages.

-Kim Hanson of, How To Create A Blog That Makes Money [Class] 

Jessie’s class was well thought out and well put together. Her lessons were clearly written and to the point, and she attached many Internet links in the lessons for further studies if the students wished to dive in deeper. Jessie was responsive to the students’ needs and questions. I found her comments useful. Her care for the students came across in her advice and feedback.

-James Polk – How To Start A Blog [Class]

I appreciated Jessie’s care in developing this class with great steps for a beginning blogger. Her links and resources also offer just the specifics I need. I have been able to immediately apply lessons that she taught. She’s a good teacher.

-Day Piercy – How To Start A Blog [Class]

Jessica was great! She was willing to give constructive, useful feedback on our blog designs and topics, and I felt like she wanted us to succeed. I was very happy with the lessons and assignments. I feel that they did exactly what I had hoped they would do, which was give me a jump start with social media/blogging.

-Kacey Parkinson of Write Full Circle, How To Start A Blog [Class]

Reviews of Jessie’s Etsy Shop:

The photo is amazing! Jessie is a fantastic photographer and I absolutely adore the swimming pigs. Ordering the photo was super easy and I was very impressed with the shipment time. Thank you so very much!

-Morgan Baker, Giant Pigs Swimming In Azure Exuma Waters


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