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Congrats! You’ve completed Step #1 of becoming a VIP Opportunities List member.

To finish checking out, please enter your name and email in the embedded form below so that you can be officially added to the mailing list.


If you do not see the list hit your inbox this Monday around 8am EST, please search [email protected] to see if it went to your spam box on accident.

It’s also helpful to add [email protected] to your address book to help these emails hit your inbox (instead of spam).


You can cancel at any time by going into your Paypal account and canceling your subscription.

Note, though, that when you cancel you will be automatically removed from the VIP Opportunities List.

This process is automated, so when you cancel in Paypal, your VIP membership automatically ends.

So, if you want to cancel but already paid for the month, your best bet is to schedule a reminder to cancel at the end of the month just before your next payment.

Though of course, I’m pumped to have you here and hope you don’t cancel. 🙂 

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