Frisky Flying: Who Is Most Likely To Join The Mile High Club?

Image via Skyscanner

Image via Skyscanner

In a recent survey done by Skyscanner, over 700 cabin crew members from around the globe were asked which country’s air travelers were most likely to join the coveted Mile High Club. It turns out, the British are the world’s friskiest fliers, followed by Australians, Germans, French and Brazilians.

Former air hostess Karin Noble weighs in, “People often become bored and restless during the flight, especially if they’re travelling long haul so to ease the boredom, some do certainly try a bit of in-flight entertainment of their own and our survey shows that it is the Brits who go the extra mile!”

Love must really blossom in the air, as the survey also revealed that 75% of those surveyed had been asked on a date by a passenger — with 14% accepting!

Press release via Skyscanner. Article originally published on Jessie on a Journey.

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