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Tips For Memorializing A Great Trip


Rome Colosseum. Image via mgpeanuts.

Do you live for those once-in-a-lifetime adventure vacations? These fantastic trips can take you on African safaris and to exotic foreign countries, the bottom of the ocean and the tops of mountains. Of course, coming back to ordinary day-to-day life after an adventure can be a little depressing. Cleaning the bathroom, walking the dog or going to work seem pretty boring after sailing, rock climbing, backpacking across Europe or cheering at the Super Bowl. One great way to hold onto the essence of your adventures is through mementos. Mementos are little keepsake pieces of your vacation that you take back home with you as a reminder of all the great times you had. In essence, they are memories you can touch.


One of the best ways to permanently memorialize a great adventure is through pictures. For an adventure traveler, a good quality camera is well worth the investment. If you enjoy outdoor adventures like white water rafting, skiing or scuba diving consider equipment that is portable, waterproof and sturdy. Underwater cameras and zoom lenses are also useful. Make sure to capture meaningful images—pictures of people in action, the most harrowing moments and the most dramatic views. Remember to have friends and other travelers take pictures of you as well so you can use the pictures to conjure back the sights, smells, sounds and thrill of your adventure.


Memories must be captured so they are not forgotten. One way to do this is through keeping an old-fashioned paper journal—or a modern digital one. Describe your itinerary each day, what foods you ate, people you met and your exciting activities. Also, collect items that will be meaningful reminders of your trip—a coaster from the restaurant you loved, a newspaper with pictures of the snow storm you hiked through or the lure you used to catch the biggest fish anyone had ever seen. Programs, flyers, ticket stubs, postcards and maps are also excellent ways to preserve memories.


Most venues you travel to will offer countless souvenirs and trinkets. Be sure to pick out items that really represent the trip you went on. Look for items with logos, dates and location names. Select items specifically representing the location you are in or the activity you are doing.

One-Of-A-Kind Finds

Often, the best souvenirs aren’t found in shops. They are found on the forest floor, at the bottom of the ocean or along the beach. They are shells, rocks, local artwork and craft items. Look for authentic one-of-a-kind items wherever your adventures take you. These often free items will be very special memories because they are your personal finds. With the world at your fingertips, there are literally countless opportunities for adventure, fun and excitement whether traveling abroad or staying close to home. Wherever you travel, whatever you experience—don’t leave the adventure behind. Bring a little bit of it home with a meaningful memento.

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