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Jessie on a Journey, founded by Jessica Festa in 2011, is an award-winning solo female, offbeat and adventure travel blog helping road warriors go beyond their guidebooks and have more authentic, meaningful experiences. The site receives over 34,000 unique visitors and over 54,000 pageviews per month from 210 countries with over 20,000 followers on social media.

Jessie on a Journey has a syndication network that includes partners like The Culture-Ist, Business Insider, Insider, The Daily Meal, Travel+SocialGood and more. Jessie is also the founder of the responsible tourism and culture magazine Epicure & Culture (~31,000 unique visitors; ~41,000 pageviews) so partners have the added benefit of having content shared across this platform and its social media channels, as well.

The blog has also been featured in top publications like BuzzFeed, SmarterTravel, Johnny Jet, The Travel Channel, USA TODAY, Frommer’s Travel Show and more. For more information, please visit the Press & Projects page.


Working With Jessie on a Journey

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Focus Topics:

Solo (Female) Travel: Jessie travels solo 85% of the time, and creates guides focused on these experiences to help others hit the road solo.

Offbeat Guides: These guides take you “beyond the guidebook” (the site’s tag line) to have quirky and lesser-known experiences.

Adventure Travel: From cycling through India for two weeks to hiking the Inca Trail in Peru to swimming with sharks in the Galapagos, Jessie loves getting that adrenaline pumping while also highlighting eco/ethical topics.

Responsible Tourism: No matter where or what travel experiences Jessie is having, her main concern is always traveling responsibly. In fact, she is the founder of the Responsible Travel + Tourism Collective, the founder of the online responsible tourism magazine Epicure & Culture and the Assistant Media Network Coordinator for Travel+SocialGood.

Transformative Travel: Personal reflections and insights, sometimes moving other times humorous, from life on the road and in NYC.

New York: Jessie is a native New Yorker, and while her experiences and stories span the globe, she has a particular affinity for NYC and is an expert — and certified tour guide — for the destination.

Inspiring Stories: Jessie loves covering not just her own stories, but the inspiring stories of other road warriors, small business owners, artisans and those she meets along the way.

Food & Drink: One of Jessie’s favorite ways to explore a destination is through the food and drink, especially interesting concept eateries. She is a certified sommelier.

Art & Culture: No trip to any destination would be complete without experiencing the local culture. Jessie enjoys featuring immersive cultural experiences in a narrative, enlightening manner.

Route Guides: Jessie enjoys working with responsible tour operators to cover interesting tour routes, creating a series based on the stops and experiences along the way. Some examples include cycling through Kerala, India for two weeks with Kalypso Tours and adventure touring through Central America for three weeks with Intrepid Travel.

Budget Guides: Jessie creates a series of destination guides showcasing the best things to do on a budget while still having a memorable trip.

TechnologyJessie loves creating helpful and focused guides showcasing the hottest tech gear, as well as reviewing the latest apps and gadgets in an experiential manner with lots of high resolution photography.

Travel ASMRJessie is the only travel-focused ASMRist on YouTube.


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Public Speaking

While I’ve spoken at numerous conferences and events, here’s an example a speech I gave on blogging & travel at iSugar Live NYC in summer 2016.

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