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6 Reasons To Choose A Hotel Without WiFi


Not having WiFi makes it easier to relax and enjoy the hotel and destination. Photo courtesy of Unique Hotels Group.

It’s 2014, and both fortunately and unfortunately many people’s lives revolve around being connected. While the internet makes doing business and keeping in touch much easier, it can be the downfall of a potentially great vacation where we should be disconnecting. Are you the type that freaks out when your hotel doesn’t have wireless internet? Then you especially should continue reading. Here are six reasons to choose a hotel without WiFi.

1. So You’re Not Even Tempted To Check Your Emails

Even when you know you’re on vacation and shouldn’t be worrying about work and what’s going on at home, if WiFi is readily available it can be difficult to resist the urge to “just take a peak” (which inevitably turns into four hours glued to the screen). When it’s not available the temptation doesn’t exist, ensuring you don’t get caught up in any non-vacation related issues until you return home.

2. To Truly Relax

Without having access to your work files or dramatic updates from back home, you’re forced to push anxious thoughts out of your mind and just breath. Meditate. Hike. Have a long bubble bath while sipping a glass of wine. Learn to scuba dive. Allowing yourself to spend time on these experiences is often easier when there’s no WiFi.

3. To Fully Experience Your Destination

It’s simple mathematics. The less time you’re on Facebook, Twitter and GMail, the more time you’re out meeting locals, browsing markets and seeing the sites. Why would you pay for a plane ticket if you were just going to sit in front of a screen all day (like you probably do back home)? Make your trip something to remember and do activities unique to the place you’re in.

4. To Listen To Yourself

Email. Social media. Internet surfing. While necessary sometimes, their are also distractions that inhibit us from listening to our minds and bodies. By disconnecting we can make discoveries about ourselves and our surroundings without the constant hum of a laptop fan acting as a distraction.

5. For Your Health

I’m no doctor, but there’s no way sitting in front of a screen eight+ hours a day, five days a week is good for you. At least allow yourself a little time each year to re-energize your mind and body with real life experiences, fresh air and face-to-face interaction.

6. To Strengthen Your Relationships

I recently stayed at an organic farm situated right on a river full of birds and outlined by mountains. There were so many onsite and nearby activities to take part in, although the flora and fauna made it an idyllic place perfect for doing nothing. There was one man who literally did not get off the WiFi his entire stay. I actually saw his wife yell at him that he didn’t spent the day with the family, and also that he was making them late for dinner. I felt sorry for his family. What was the point of him even going on the trip? When there’s no WiFi there’s less temptation to sit on Facebook or do work instead of spending time with your loved ones. Why do you disconnect when traveling?
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