A Clothing Optional Club Experience In New Orleans

the country club new orleans

One of the many rooms inside The Country Club, which is free to hangout in.

At the Country Club in New Orleans, you can experience what it’s like to party with your clothes off — literally. First you’ll enter a big house with a bar and numerous rooms. Not too many people hangout inside, however, as outside you’ll find an in-ground pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, bar and clothing-optional atmosphere. You’ll pay $8 to go into the back (it’s $2 extra if you want to rent a towel), and no photos are allowed once you exit the house. While I expected it to be similar to a wild spring break experience, the truth is it was really chill and subdued. It’s mostly locals, many from the LGBT community, and nobody will gawk at you if you decide to walk around naked or topless. Once you get used to it, it’s actually pretty easy to go up to strangers as you would at a normal bar and have a conversation. In fact, it’s almost as if people are trying really hard to act natural and not stare, as I actually get more leers when I go to clubs fully clothed. It was a really liberating experience and something I highly recommend when visiting New Orleans.

country club pool area

The Country Club’s outdoor pool area, where it’s clothing optional

What’s also great about The Country Club is it provides a completely different experience than what you’ll find in the bustling French Quarter. It’s located in a quiet residential neighborhood, making it somewhat of a local secret. It’s also meant to be a “home away from home,” and you’ll literally feel like you’re hanging out a friend’s house, albeit one that doesn’t mind having dozens of naked strangers lounging by their pool. Along with offering beer, wine and cocktails, the Country Club has a restaurant serving American bistro-style food prepared with local ingredients. If you’re there after hours, they offer a late night menu until 12:30am.

The Country Club is located at 634 Louisa Street in the Bywater Neighborhood.

Images courtesy of The Country Club

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