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la paz

Why Bolivia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Before traveling to Bolivia I received mixed opinions on whether the country was a worthwhile destination to add to my itinerary. Because I wanted to find out for myself firsthand, I – thankfully – made sure I did. Now, Bolivia is one of my favorite travel destinations on the planet. Here’s why: It Offers One-Of-A-Kind…Read more...
death road

How To Bike Bolivia’s Death Road (And Survive)

“This is the most dangerous road in the world. Don’t become part of the landscape,” advised Oscar, a biking guide from Vertigo Biking Co. Bolivia. On a sunny Wednesday right outside of La Paz in Bolivia, I found myself adorned from head to toe in cycling gear, standing at the summit of a 40-mile downhill…Read more...
backpacking south america

My Most Ridiculous Bus Encounters Backpacking South America

I’ve been skydiving, bungee jumping and paragliding; however, I’d have to say my most adventurous escapades are from my bus rides through South America. The characters, the questionable facilities, the otherworldly landscapes and the feature film-worthy situations made for incredible stories I can laugh about now (although at the time made me want to scream).…Read more...
is south america safe

Ask Jessie: Is South America Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

This question was submitted by a Jessie on a Journey reader Kaitlin from Washington, who is planning a trip from Cuzco, Peru, through Bolivia, and ending in Argentina. Here is my reply: South America is possibly the most popular destination on Jessie on a Journey, and at least a few times every week I get…Read more...


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