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8 Unusual Excursions In Los Angeles, California

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Shopping on Rodeo Drive, walking over the footprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and relaxing on Venice Beach are listed in every guidebook. For a more quirky vacation, try some of these unusual excursions — which are great for those in a group or enjoying solo travel in Los Angeles. Learn To Eat Fire If you’ve ever wanted to know how to eat, spin and dance with fire, this excursion is for  you. Cheetah P. is a professional aerialist, acrobat, performer, nutrition coach, athlete and fire eater, and will help you learn how to really play with fire. Professional photos are included, as well as all equipment and fuel. Says Cheetah P,”This is SAFE and fun. step by step guidance assures that even though we are told not to play with fire- by taking the right precautions, exceptions can be made.” Tour costs $25 per person. Click here to book. Walk And Give: A Tour Of Good Deeds Instead of simply enriching your life through travel, why not enrich other peoples’? You’ll approach people in Santa Monica’s Palisades Park, offering to handout gloves, money and food. According to Daniel H, the tour operator, southern California has the largest homeless population in the country, so doing this is a true act of kindness. Says Daniel H., “It may seem odd, but successful giving takes some skill, and participants will be thoroughly instructed and supported in their efforts. Come and learn something about humanity and yourself. You won’t be disappointed.” Tour costs $3 per person. Click here to book. The Green Within Los Angeles While most people picture celebrity mansions, city buildings and crowds when they think of L.A., there are opportunities to explore nature, which is what this tour offers. All you need are walking shoes, as your tour guide Matt R. will bring the supplies and food. Says Matt R., “I’m all about showing off the hidden gems of Los Angeles for tourist, visitors, or even locals who are ready for adventure. Hikes, walks, trail runs, biking, even overnight camping are possible.” Tour costs $20 per person. Click here to book. Discover Cute Vintage Clothes And Jewelry Whether you’re looking for old Hollywood glamor or an authentic flapper dress, your host Cassandra L. can help you find it. She’ll take you to four vintage boutiques in the Los Feliz/Silverlake areas to help you find affordable vintage pieces. Says Cassandra L. “LA is loaded with second hand vintage stores and jewelry shops, including a few that you must book an appointment with just to get inside!” Tour costs $17 per person. Click here to book. Learn About The Film Business Hollywood is the center of the movie universe, so what better place to learn about the industry? John Fogel, the tour guide, has attended the American Film Institute producing program, and has also made development deals at DreamWorks, FOX, MGM, United Artists, Revolution Studios and Sony. Pick his brain and learn about the ins and outs of the film business. Tour costs $200 per person. Click here to book. Black Star Canyon Ghost Tour Black Star Canyon has a tragic history, and the miners who lost their lives in the early 1900s are still haunting the area. It is said that a farmer who was killed in a shoot out after an argument still wanders the canyon, as do many Indians who were murdered by fur trappers. Visitors have reported sighting shadow figures, apparitions of a young girl and mine motion sensor lights turning on. Additionally, foot steps have been heard, and people have felt as if they were being followed.On the tour, you’ll be able to become a ghost hunter with guidance from a professional. “Tours are lead by a 10 year veteran of scientific paranormal investigations and original founder of the California Ghost Hunters.  Learn some the history and legends of local paranormal hot spots.  Participate in the EVP sessions while learning how to use a KII Meter and other EMF Detectors.” Tour costs $25 per person. Click here to book. Paramotor About L.A. For those who don’t know what paramotoring is, it’s similar to paragliding, only there is a motor (shown above). According to Claude P., the tour guide, paramotoring is safer than hangliding, lasts three to five times longer than skydiving and is more exciting than parasailing. “Claude has 22 years in the sport plus world championship experience plus design and manufacture the most innovative flying machine in the world,  the SYNERGY II paramotor!” Tour costs $184 per person. Click here to book. Beverly Hills Experience On A Segway Sure, you can wander around Beverly Hills on foot or drive around in a limo, but isn’t it more interesting to explore it on a segway? While riding around, your guide will give you interesting history and tell stories the locals may not even know. You may even meet a celebrity along the way. “Glide down the bustling avenues of the city and along the manicured tree-lined lanes of Beverly Hills’ most well-known first neighborhood, 90210. Ride past the luxury shops of Rodeo Drive and some of the most famous hotels and iconic buildings in the city.” Tour costs $128 per person. Click here to book.
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