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Notes On Transformative Travel And The Importance Of Being Present

While to some travel is simply a chance to get away and take a vacation, others look at it as an opportunity to have a life-changing experiences. Travel is a powerful thing. When we put ourselves in new situations, take […]

A Foreigner In A Foreign Land

bay of benegal

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign” – Robert Louis Stevenson This is a great travel quote, and one that greatly reflects the issue I have with many travelers. Why do people, when visiting […]

10 Things to Do in Every City You Visit

While every city has its own unique landmarks, culture, and sights to see, there are certain general things you can do in any city you visit to make your experience more memorable. To enhance your next trip, take this checklist […]

How to Have a Successful Homestay Experience


Doing a homestay in another country is a great way to get to know the culture from a first-hand perspective. By living with a family, you get to see how a local’s daily life is, from what they eat, to […]

10 Important Phrases To Know Before Going To Ghana, Africa

Learning a foreign language can be difficult. And, for people traveling to Ghana, Africa, for only a short amount of time, trying to become fluent in Twi, the principal native language of the country, may be a bit farfetched. However, learning some important phrases […]

Why You Should Study Abroad

It’s already been almost 4 years since I studied abroad, and I still look at it as one of the top 3 most enriching experiences I’ve had in my life. Whenever I meet people who are still in college, my […]

Meet Pamela, Editor of Spunky Girl Monologues Travel Blog

Meet Pamela MacNaughtan, editor of Spunky Girl Monologues travel blog, solo traveler, photographer. Hear about the benefits of slow travel, how travel her opened her eyes to new cultures, and her obsession with Butter Chicken.  What are some of the […]