Top 10 Cruise Destinations For 2013

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As the last days of 2012 approach, the time is perfect for thinking about the top cruise destinations for 2013.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands can be the top cruise destination for 2013 and every year that follows for several reasons: They are precious in every sense of the word; they teem with many forms of wildlife; they offer both sightseers and adventurers something they can cherish for a lifetime. For this reason, the best time to book a cruise here is several weeks, perhaps months, in advance.

Panama Canal

With such lively ports, Panama Canal is not to be overlooked in any way. The average cruise to Panama Canal lasts about 14 days, and that is one of the reasons that coming here is a terrific idea. The scenery is epic, among other things. Complementing the deep blue waters, the array of marine life undeniably makes the long cruise that more special.


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As of late, Australia has become a hotspot. Some cruise lines, as a result, are offering both pre-cruise and post-cruise expeditions to some of the most exotic areas. Such areas are rife with playful kangaroos, shy iguanas and other cool-to-see animals.

The Amazon

The Amazon is where new memories can form, replacing the memories that are not as exciting. This destination is a must see because it overflows with life from jumping spiders to speedy dolphins and several species of territorial sharks. Some of the smaller cruise ships are capable of making the trip through the Amazon without a problem.


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Although the freezing weather may seem like bad news, it is a nonfactor. Every second spent on this white wilderness will be worthwhile and frankly unforgettable. The marine life is breathtaking; the ice shelves and the mountain ranges are rather stunning. What is more, Antarctica is full of legends and genuine people.


Alaska is a paradise that has it all–including giant whales, tiger sharks, glaciers, free-spirited eagles and cold but perfect weather. Every cruise, regardless of duration, will be an amazing experience.


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A Mediterranean cruise is equivalent to being in a time machine, considering that the region teems with legends and historical wonders. On any day, during any season, the experience will be surreal.

Cayman Islands

The two words that best describe Cayman Islands are pristine and electrifying. There are many cruises available, and they all are worth booking for one reason: Their route leads to countless allurements, namely lofty cliffs with waterfalls.


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Hawaii is rife with beautiful people, out-of-this-world sights and scenic views. The Na Pali spot in particular is one in a million and cannot be compared to any other destination. Taking a cruise to and through Hawaii will definitely be a life-changing experience.


Brazil has many things to do and see. Taking a cruise is by far the safest and most sensible way to explore and embrace everything Brazil has to offer. Moreover, each cruise ship is affordable and loaded with all the amenities any traveler could possibly need.

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