The World’s Top 10 Cities For Nightlife


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A recent survey done by has revealed the top destinations in the world for nightlife. While notorious party cities like New York and Las Vegas topped the charts, it was ultimately Europe that people for wining, dancing and dining.

“New York and Las Vegas always provide an amazing travel adventure. But it is the variety amongst the European cities that makes them so interesting and exciting for travellers from all around the globe,” spokeswoman Alison Couper said. “Whether it’s a night out in Berlin with its ‘Berghain’, recently voted as the best club in the world, Amsterdam with its floating restaurants and coffee shop culture or Paris with its small, intimate bars and music venues, there’s something for everyone.”

Here are the findings:

1. New York

2. Las Vegas

3. London

4. Barcelona

5. Berlin

6. Los Angeles

7. Amsterdam

8. Madrid

9. Paris

10. Bangkok

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