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la paz

Why Bolivia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Before traveling to Bolivia I received mixed opinions on whether the country was a worthwhile destination to add to my itinerary. Because I wanted to find out for myself firsthand, I – thankfully – made sure I did. Now, Bolivia is one of my favorite travel destinations on the planet. Here’s why: It Offers One-Of-A-Kind…Read more...
death road

How To Bike Bolivia’s Death Road (And Survive)

“This is the most dangerous road in the world. Don’t become part of the landscape,” advised Oscar, a biking guide from Vertigo Biking Co. Bolivia. On a sunny Wednesday right outside of La Paz in Bolivia, I found myself adorned from head to toe in cycling gear, standing at the summit of a 40-mile downhill…Read more...

Offbeat Guide: Where To Go On Your Next Vacation

Trying to decide where to go on your next vacation? Well, that will depend on what you want to do. Looking for extreme adventure? An eco-friendly island? Somewhere to get away from the world? Read on for information on some of the world’s best destinations depending on your mood. If you want to… Go On…Read more...
A close up photo of a llama.

Want Good Luck In Bolivia? Buy A Llama Fetus

Yes, you read that right, a llama fetus. Wandering around the Witches’ Market in La Paz, Bolivia, you’ll find many indigenous and magical cures to all your problems. Aphrodisiacs, herbal remedies, and religious paraphernalia line the tables, and you can even visit one of the witch doctors in the area to help yourself and learn…Read more...


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