Start Packing: Making a Career Break to Travel a Reality

As someone with a Master’s Degree who plans on being location independent and traveling the world for the rest of her life, I completely understand how difficult it can be mentally. From the day we are born until the day that we die our culture tells us that we should work 9-5 jobs to be productive and successful members of society. But, what about the people who don’t find happiness in this objective? Or what about the people who feel held back by their jobs or just want to get the chance to really live their lives and explore other parts of the world?

If you are thinking about taking an extended career break to travel then visit the Meet Plan Go website. Not only will you get information about planning and going on your trip, you can also get advice on how to make the journey part of your overall career strategy.

“Because we live in a society that doesn’t find value in taking time off, we wanted to create a community for people who do want to break out of the norm and travel for an extended period,” says Sherry Ott, co-founder of Meet Plan Go.

The best part about the website is the sense of community and support it gives people looking to take the big leap of a career break. Obviously, this can be very stressful, especially when you feel all alone and like you are being irresponsible or crazy for making such as rash decision. Well, you’re not, and many other people out there who want to use travel to get the most out of their life experience.

If you want to meet other like-minded individuals in person, you can attend a National Event or Local Meet-Up, as well.



  1. Thanks for highlighting our website and events! We hope to see you on Oct. 18th in NYC…or somewhere in one of the cities! Sounds like you have so much great advice to give others who have the dream!

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