Ryanair Passenger Evicted From Plane For Carrying A Book And Scroll

If Ryanair was ever up for a People’s Choice award, they’re definitely out of the running. People are outraged at the airline, as they recently evicted a woman from an aircraft as she was carrying a book and scroll that did not fit in her luggage. Despite the fact other passengers tried to help her, offering to stick the items in their bags, the woman was escorted off by a Spanish Guardia Civil officer.

It wasn’t the fact the book was distasteful, but that the woman had broken Ryanair’s luggage size requirements. According to the woman, she tried to pay an oversized luggage fee, but her card wouldn’t go through. As she was thrown off the plane, passenger’s could be heard shouting “shameful, shameful” at the officer. The outrage is so strong, Spanish Twitter users are now boycotting the airline.

“Look at what we have just witnessed on a Ryanair flight, I am crying with impotence. They took her forcefully, because of a simple book and a scroll that did not fit in her bag,” the woman said.

To see the incident for yourself, check out the video above.

You can read more on the story at news.com.au.

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