Revealed: The World’s Rudest And Dirtiest Cities


St. Petersburg, Moscow, Russia via stagod

We all have our own opinions about what cities in the world we’d rather not visit; however, a recent TripAdvisor Cities Survey has revealed the rudest and dirtiest cities. While many may have believed Paris would top the list for rudest, it was actually Moscow, which ranked last for “friendliest locals,” “friendliest taxi drivers” and “best taxi service.” They also came in last for “best for shopping.”


Other findings from the survey include:

  • Tokyo is a very friendly and clean city, coming in first place for multiple categories including “friendliest taxi drivers,” “best taxi service,” “cleanest streets,” “safest city” and “best public transportation.” They came in second place for “friendliest locals” overall.
  • The top three cities for “friendliest locals” were Cancun, Tokyo and Lisbon.
  • The bottom three cities for “friendliest locals” were Moscow, London and Hong Kong.
  • The top three cities for “cleanest streets” were Tokyo, Singapore and Zurich.
  • The bottom three cities for “cleanest streets” were Mumbai, Marrakech and Punta Cana.

More findings can be seen in the above screenshot or at The findings came from surveying over 75,000 people and getting their opinions on 40 popular tourist cities around the world.

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