How To Create A ‘Travel Beauty’ Mason Jar Kit [ASMR Video]

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How To Create A ‘Travel Beauty’ Mason Jar Kit [ASMR Video]

Along with travel, one of my life obsessions is exploring the euphoric experience of autonomous sensory meridian response, also known simply as ASMR. Put simply, certain people experience a calming and pleasing head-to-toe tingly sensation when exposed to certain triggers, like soft speaking/whispering, tapping and zipper pulling.

Sound weird? If you don’t experience these tingles when you watch an ASMR video that caters to the ASMR prone you probably will find it a bit odd. For those of us who do experience the tingles, however, it’s magic. It’s funny, because when I was a kid I used to record Bob Ross videos and watch them before bed while I tickled my arms, a quirky habit that put me into a sleepy, dreamy state. Not surprisingly Bob Ross is often touted as the Father of ASMR due to this soft, soothing voice, monotonous brush strokes and personal attention to his viewers.

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In my Travel ASMR series I create long format videos about exploring the globe — providing everything from safety tips to travel-themed role plays — that are also meant to relax my viewers. A new concept I had for this series was creating travel-themed craft tutorials in a soft spoken, ASMR-centric manner.

My first of these Travel ASMR craft tutorials shows you how to make a simple yet useful travel beauty kit using a Mason jar, a map (or a print out), some whimsical accents, a few markers and your favorite carry-on beauty items. While the video is meant to be relaxing and tingle-inducing, crafty travelers not into ASMR will also learn something fun and new.

Are there any travel-related craft tutorials you love? Any favorite beauty items you’d add to the Mason jar? Please share in the comments below. And if you liked this video, please subscribe to my Jessie on a Journey Travel ASMR channel


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