11 Adventurous Activities In South America

For those looking for adventure, South America is full of options. Whether you’re looking to dive with sharks, bike precarious paths overlooking steep cliffs, venture deep into the world’s largest jungle, or trek for days on end through unworldly terrain, this continent has you covered. While there are hundreds of daring options, here are 10 that will get your adrenaline pumping.

1. Bike The World’s Most Dangerous Road, Bolivia

When staying in La Paz, Bolivia, one popular but daring excursion is to bike the world’s most dangerous road, also known as The Death Road. The route is extremely narrow and rocky with little guardrails, residing over a steep drop-off that looks like a rock and branch-adorned wall. Basically, if you go over the side you’re not coming back. Before 2006, Death Road was the only connection between La Paz and the jungle, so it was frequented by many buses that weren’t able to safely pass each other. This led to many deaths, about two bikers and the passengers of 25 cars each year. Today the road is safer, although accidents do occur. In fact, last summer a Japanese tourist was killed after losing control of their bike, while in January a landslide caused a bus to go over the edge. One word of caution, make sure you go with a reliable tour operator, as this could mean the difference between an adrenaline-pumping day of fun and a harrowing nightmare…

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