10 Reasons To Date A Backpacker


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While there are all different kinds of travelers out there, backpackers are a particularly sexy bunch. Are you currently on the market? Here are 10 reasons you should date a backpacker:

They’re Easy Going

Backpackers know how to roll with the punches and enjoy themselves in the process. They have to, as a normal day on the road may include missing a train in a city where they don’t speak the local language, having to take a 20 hour bus that breaks down during the journey or trying to order a burger in a restaurant but instead receiving a dish of intestines. Instead of being annoyed at these inconveniences, these laid-back travelers consider it part of the adventure and won’t stress you out when things don’t go according to plan.

They’re Fun-Loving

Backpackers are always up for a good time. Being on the road, all types of random opportunities arise — watching live music, browsing an art market, attending a quirky local festival, going to a bar made completely out of ice with complete strangers. Most backpackers rarely say no to trying new and fun things, allowing for a spontaneous and good-time relationship.


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They’re Adventurous

Skydiving. Bungee Jumping. Hiking. White water rafting. Climbing. Canyoning. By nature, backpackers are an adventurous bunch and love doing anything that gets their adrenaline pumping. Dating one could help you tap into your more daring side and try some things you never thought you’d do.

They’re Independent

For anyone who has ever complained of having a clingy girlfriend or boyfriend, backpackers are usually not the type. Exploring the open road on their own is nothing new, and getting lost in a foreign city isn’t scary, but exciting. They can take care of themselves, and while they are great at interacting they are also more than fine on their own. Basically, you’ll never have to worry about an overly-needy partner.

They’re Good With Money

Money is the #1 cause for disputes between couples. Luckily, backpackers are great with finances, as nobody knows how to stretch a dollar better. They have to be, as most of these travelers save only a few thousand dollars — if even — to travel for months at a time. And when money starts running short they know how to cut back to save for what’s important.

uyuni salt flats

New friends at the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia

 They’re Friendly

You’ll rarely come across a shy or unfriendly backpacker. Months spent sharing rooms with strangers and going for drinks with people you meet at the money exchange or in the hostel common room have allowed this species to evolve in such a way they can make friends anywhere and in any situation. You’ll never have to worry about your buddies not liking your boyfriend or girlfriend, as backpackers have no problem making fast friends.

They’re Problem Solvers

It’s inevitable when spending months on the road you’ll run into problems. And while non-backpackers may freak out when being pick-pocketed or missing a bus, backpackers have the ability to think rationally about how to solve the issue. By dating a backpacker you’ll always have someone on hand to offer great advice, and who can rationally react to issues when they arise in the relationship.

They’re Open-Minded

The more you immerse yourself in other cultures, the more open-minded you become. Instead of looking at other people and places as “weird,” backpackers learn to simply view them as different. If your partner is a backpacker, you won’t have to worry about them judging you and any, umm, interesting things you may want to try.


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They Live Their Dreams

Backpackers don’t make excuses. They live their dreams — no matter how out of the norm they may be — and do what’s best to fulfill themselves. Being with someone like this can help you to realize your full potential as well and have an adventure of your own.

They Have Great Stories

When dating a backpacker, you won’t have to worry about dull dinner conversation, as these people will always have an interesting tale from the road to regal you with. Hiking the Himalayas, living with a family in a rural village, bungee jumping in New Zealand, volunteering in Africa, learning about natural medicine in the Amazon — it’s like being in a relationship with a book you can’t put down, but much sexier.

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  1. I didn’t know that dating a backpacker is a lot more fun than a typical guy.:) hmmm.. gonna look that type of guys, an adventure and loves to travel around.

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