The Best Tours in South East Asia, China, and Hong Kong for Backpackers!


At Wat Po in Bangkok. This is where locals "make merit" (give offerings to Buddha in order ensure good karma).

After a volunteer stint teaching English in Thailand, I decided that I wanted to explore South East Asia, China, and Hong Kong to the fullest, really getting to know the places, culture, and people and having an active trip. As I was traveling solo and wanted some company I chose to use a tour operator and created my own tour using two different tour companies, Gap Adventures and Intrepid Travel and was beyond impressed with both operators.


After hiking in the woods we go swimming and cliff dive at the falls in Laos

When looking at Gap Adventures website, I was unable to find the exact tour that I had participated in, however, the Roam Laos and Thailand and the Bangkok to Hanoi trips were very similar to the one I did.

alms giving

Giving Alms is where you feed the monks at dawn. This is the only food they get for the day and they need the energy to practice the Buddhist teachings and meditate.

What’s great about GAP is you are able to choose the type of trip you want, whether it be an active trip with a lot of physical activity, a volunteer trip, family style, a trip discovering coastlines with biologists, an adventure trekking through regions from the Discovery Channel and more.


Boat ride through the canals of Bangkok (we got to feed the fish too)

My tour guide on the trip, Jaep, became almost like a sister to the group. She was fun, she taught us a lot about the culture, and took us to interesting cultural places and events, such as temples, nighttime prayer with the monks, to get our fortunes read at a Buddhist temple, to feed the monks at dawn during an Alms Giving ritual, a cooking class, tubing in Luang Prabang (super touristy but super fun!) the Tiger Kingdom to literally play with tigers, favorite nightlife spots and restaurants of the locals, and more.


Taking a cooking class in Chiang Mai


Playing with tigers

While the tour sticks to the itinerary, they also go out of their way to show you off the beaten path places and rituals that you most likely would not have seen on your own.

halong bay

Me in front of Halong Bay where I got to take an overnight boat cruise, swim, and visit caves

Like Gap, Intrepid allows you to choose your trip based on style and activities. For this section of the trip (Vietnam/China/Hong Kong) I wanted active over comfort. I chose the Hanoi to Hong Kong trip which allowed me to fully experience the places I visited from a very natural point of view.


Me participating in a cultural dance

Some of the hotels and guesthouses we stayed in were family-run accommodations in rural, isolated villages where we got the chance to participate in cultural dances and just hanging out with locals at their homes drinking team or eating home cooked meals, playing games with villagers in their meeting spaces, visiting minority villages, practicing English with students, singing kareoke at people’s homes, and more.


I got to learn how to play Majong from the locals, I even won a few times!

We also stayed in some more “big business” type hotels in bigger cities and got to experience the regions from that perspective too. For me, however, the best parts of this trip were the days when we got to hike from town to town, through rice terraces (the Long Ji rice terraces are amazing) and forests, as well as swimming in Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and visiting some of the caves filled with stalagmites.


Biking through Vietnam (stopped for an amazing lunch too!)

Once again, experiences like these are hard to find on your own but when you are traveling with a local tour guide at all times, it makes it easier to get the opportunities to have these personal encounters with locals and the natural land.


Hiking through the Long Ji Rice Terraces in China

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