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Anacondas, Piranhas And Pink Dolphins, Oh My!: Exploring The Amazon Jungle From Colombia


Ever since the late 90’s, the Amazon jungle has inspired the image of a massive anaconda wrapping its slithering girth around my body from head to toe. In my vivid imagination, it drags me under water before biting my head […]

11 Adventurous Activities In South America

For those looking for adventure, South America is full of options. Whether you’re looking to dive with sharks, bike precarious paths overlooking steep cliffs, venture deep into the world’s largest jungle, or trek for days on end through unworldly terrain, […]

Hiking, Monkeys, And The Devil’s Penis In Ecuador’s Amazon Jungle

No visit to Ecuador is complete without taking a tour of the Amazon Jungle. The Amazon covers most of the Amazon Basin and represents over half the remaining rainforests on Earth. Moreover, it contains more species of tropical rainforest than […]