Photo Essay: The Chocolate Show in New York (And Where To Get The BEST Chocolate)

So Saturday I got to attend the Chocolate Show in New York at the Metropolitan Pavilion. While extremely crowded, there were a ton of interesting exhibitions, demonstrations, wine tasting, chocolate setups, and best of all CHOCOLATE TASTINGS! Before I begin the photo essay, I would just like to provide my top 5 chocolate company picks in attendance:

1) Choco Art- This company makes personalized chocolate in any design, shape, or logo that you want. They can create promotional items, company logos, wedding enhancements, and more! Plus, it’s delicious.

2) No Chewing Allowed!– This French chocolate literally melts in your mouth.

3) Fretzels– Seriously?? I can’t even believe something this delicious exists! Fractured pretzel pieces come in all different flavors, are dipped in chocolate, and have toppings. Way better than your average chocolate coverage pretzel (I bought four bags!).

4) Gnosis– While there product has a very unique flavor (I loved it, my mom didn’t), I absolutely loved their brand concept. All their chocolate is organic, vegan, raw chocolate, and comes in flavors like Pomegranate Acai, Almond Fig Spice, Aphrodisia, and more.

5) Jazz Brownies- Very unique flavors and the brownies literally melt in your mouth. Varieties include Orange Zest, Coconut Black Pepper, Sesame, and Spicy Dulce de Leche.

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