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What Is Dream Creator?

Many of you ask me for guidance on travel planning or for help choosing a destination that will provide the experience you’re craving. I’ve also received countless emails from those interested in learning what it takes to travel solo or to travel more responsibly. I'm now taking these cursory email correspondences a step further to offer you an experiential travel planning service where I provide you detailed travel information and itineraries. 

So why should you use Dream Creator? Check out the video below or scroll down to see what makes this service so great!


All itineraries are based on your unique travel style, trip goals and budget. You can choose to ask questions via email or talk via Skype or phone.

I'm not a travel agent trying to sell you packages, and all recommendations are based on my own experiences, the experiences of my travel blogger peers and extensive research.  

Real Experiences

You could spend months trying to plan your perfect trip. With Dream Creator, you avoid having 100 tabs open on your computer and monitoring 20 forums. Instead, I do the work.

Money Back Guarantee

Save Time, Stress Less

Looking for an extra special romantic 

outing or uber adventurous hike? I'll help 

you book truly bucket list-worthy 

experiences in your destination of choice. 

Conquer Your Bucket List

If you're not satisfied with the information I provide you then let me know and I'll refund your money, no questions asked. 

Consultation Options

Submit your most pressing travel questions via email to receive detailed responses within 48 hours. You'll be ready to book your trip in no time! 



When opting for a 45-minute Skype/phone consultation, we’ll go over your budget, travel style, interests, preferred destination and more to come up with the perfect itinerary. 


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