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Dream Creator [Travel Advisor Services]


Dream Creator. It’s not just a trip. It’s an experience. Your dream experience.

Are you trying to plan the trip of a lifetime? Do you need a custom itinerary complete with information on how to get around and local etiquette as well as budget-friendly tips? Is there an interest or hobby you have that you want to enjoy abroad, but aren’t sure where to go? I can help.

Dream Creator

I’d like to introduce Dream Creator — a unique travel advisor service. Many of you ask me for guidance on travel planning or for help choosing a destination that will provide the experience you’re craving. I’ve also received countless emails from those interested in learning what it takes to travel solo or to travel more responsibly. I’ve decided to take these cursory email correspondences a step further to offer you an experiential travel planning utility.

Dream Creator entails an email or Skype correspondence (your choice) where we go over exactly what you hope to get out of your dream trip.

When opting for Skype, I’ll ask you questions like “What city, country or continent do you want to travel through?,” “What types of experiences make a trip feel fulfilling for you?” and “What are the top three things on your bucket list?” We’ll go over your budget, must-have experiences, your travel style, your hobbies and interests, preferred destination atmosphere, accommodation preferences and culinary passions.

When opting for email you’ll ask the questions, and I’ll use a combination of research and personal experience to provide accurate, up-to-date answers that save you time and money and help you get the travel experience you desire.

We’re not just creating a trip, we’re creating an experience. Your dream experience.

Why Should You Use Dream Creator?

  • It’s customized to fit your personality, travel style and budget
  • You’ll save time on travel research
  • You’ll get expert advice and tips
  • Your Dream Creator itinerary advice will help you conquer your bucket list
  • Unlike with travel agents, I won’t be trying to sell you a package from one of my clients. I don’t make commissions, so there’s no ulterior motive.
  • It’s affordable

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost varies depending on if you want questions answered via email (3 or 6) or if you’d prefer a 45-minute phone/Skype chat. Before the chat I will send you some questions to get more background information on your trip. I also off a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the service you receive.


Additional information


3 Questions via Email, 6 Questions via Email, 45-minute Skype call



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