How One Traveler Is Bringing Literacy To Timbuktu & The Southern Sahara


It all started with the flip of a coin, literally. Now, intrepid traveler Barry Hoffner is building schools and bringing literacy to Timbuktu. Here’s how.

Global Good: Your Ultimate Guide To Responsible Voluntourism


Dear Potential Volunteers, Do you want a great volunteer travel experience and truly want to help? 
But you don’t want to get involved with unethical practices or bad “voluntourism?” 
You want to “volunteer abroad” and that’s different, right? Unfortunately, it’s […]

How To Go Beyond The Guidebook In Cinque Terre, Italy

cinque terre

Looking to travel to Italy’s Cinque Terre? Italy expert and creator of Traveling Through Life Jessica Yeager shares where to eat and drink, how to immerse yourself in local culture, where to take in an Italian Riviera sunset, and how […]

Travel Bloggers Without Borders: Maria and Carmen’s Second Last Chance

children in garbage dump

When I met Maria and Carmen, they were young, grade-school-age girls. They owned no more than the ragged clothes on their back. They had never been to school. They owned no shoes. Their days were spent scavenging recyclables in mounds […]

How You Can Make A Difference Today With Travel Bloggers Without Borders

Integral Heart Foundation

Jessie on a Journey is participating in the first annual Travel Bloggers Without Borders fundraising event, which is seeking to make a difference by raising a total of $10,000 to help provide tuition for 55 young children to attend school […]