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Notes On Dating A Non-Traveler (And How I See Love On The Road Differently Now)


Okay, so let me start off by saying that when I say “non-traveler” I don’t mean my boyfriend doesn’t travel. In fact, he speaks fluent Italian, loves getting away to remote destinations and is super adventurous (he just took me […]

Discovering The Secret Destination In Your Journey

“All Journeys Have Secret Destinations Which The Traveler Is Unaware” – Martin Buber For many, travel planning is a lot of fun. Choosing the destination, what accommodation you’ll stay in, how you’ll spend your time and which restaurants you’ll eat […]

How I Found Romance In An Unexpected Place

When most people think of a romantic vacation, they imagine white sand beaches, sunset horseback rides and lobster tail dinners by candlelight. You sleep in private rooms with plush bedding and have a balcony overlooking the water or at least […]

Notes On Trying To Date At Home But Live Nomadically

“Is this always how it’s going to be?” I was going on another one of my “little trips” again, and Joe wasn’t happy. The inevitable was near. Typically it happens about three or four months into a relationship. Everything is […]