11 Things Learned About Brazilian Culture From Visiting

rio de janeiro

      After spending a few weeks traveling through Brazil, visiting various cities, interacting with locals, sampling the local foods, and doing some forro dancing, I’ve made a few observations about this wonderful culture and country along the way […]

Budget-Friendly Tango In Salta, Argentina

During my trip through Argentina, I knew I wanted to take a tango class. Tango originated in Argentina, so what better way to have an authentic cultural experience? However, I didn’t want to spend a fortune to do it. Thankfully, […]

Breaking Language Barriers: A Date Without Words in Paraty, Brazil

I could hear the music blasting from my hostel dorm, addictive rhythms and beats beckoning me out onto the beach. While I hated going to the bar alone, I didn’t know if I would be able to resist. “Want to […]

10 Free Things to Do in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain, is full of fun things to do and interesting sites to explore. Luckily, the city features many experiences for the budget traveler with free museums, walking tours, beaches, parks, museums, dance shows, and more. Use this list to […]

Getting Off the Beaten Path in China in the Chengyang Village

For those looking to get out of big cities of China and explore some of the smaller villages, the Chengyang Village in southern China should not be overlooked. This wooden village has a lot to offer visitors in terms of […]

Dance Like Nobody is Watching…All Around the World!

When I first watched this video, “Dance Like Nobody is Watching”, my first instinct was to try to see how many of the places in the montage I recognized. The next time I watched, I became entranced by the talent […]