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Night Of The Full Moon In Croatia

full moon
image via Silvercat

Thinking about traveling to Croatia?

Croatia is quickly losing its out-dated reputation to become one of Europe’s most talked-about up-and-coming destinations as thousands more arrive each summer.

The weekend of August 13th allows culture-hungry weekend-breakers the chance to experience it all by the Riva under the glow of candle.

Turn off your lights, bring out your lanterns

The city of Zadar hosts a fantastic party, where as dusk settles under the light of the full moon, the cities lights flicker out and locals congregate along the Riva with candles and lanterns. Visitors are treated to a floating market selling all manner of traditional foods as they stroll along its banks bathed in the lights.

The local people are eager to share their hospitality with you as dinner turns into a series of treats at each floating bazaar.

Your evening will be lifted by the sounds of traditional Croatian music played by live bands. Enjoy their company, chatting under the stars, whilst trying specialties like fresh fish, cheeses, and Nin “Sokol” ham, figs , rakija, from all across the Dalmatian region.

Party-goers can be entertained through the night as the scene moves to the beach where they dance and sing to mandolins until daybreak.

The festival prides itself on exposing the roots of Croatian history and culture to its many visitors. The shadows and illuminations that flicker amongst crowds can hardly be forgotten.

Author: Victoria Cawthorne

Victoria is a travel blogger with a passion for music, theme parks, bikes, sewing, vegetarian food and road trips in camper vans. She has traveled extensively through Europe and North America and even lived abroad too, and has a natural passion for penning her experiences along the way.

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