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The Traveler’s Guide To Credit Cards

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When planning a trip, the most confusing aspect is often trying to figure out what type of currency to bring along and how to navigate your credit cards. With help from Anisha Sekar, VP of Credit and Debit Products at NerdWallet, as well as my own travel experience, I’ve put together this guide to help you travel more efficiently with credit cards. Know Before You Go There are a few things you should take care of before heading off on your trip. First and foremost, no matter what credit or debit card you bring along, you must call the card company to let them know you will be traveling. If you don’t, the card will most likely become locked and you will have to call to have it reactivated, a process that can be a hassle when using international phone lines. It’s also good to call to see what spending and withdrawal restrictions are on the card, as well as if there are any incentives like travel insurance, no transaction fees or coverage on rental cars. For example, with Visa, travelers can save money on basics like rental cars, as well as receive perks from the Visa Signature offerings, including the Luxury Hotel Collection and the Visa Signature Global Concierge. Moreover, making photocopies of all your important documents, including your credit cards, is important. When I travel, I always bring a copy hidden somewhere in my luggage, away from my valuables, as well as leave a copy at home with my family just in case… Continue Reading
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