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Haunted Hotels: Where Things Get Spooky

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Spirits walking through walls, corpses roaming the hallways, giggling children murdered years before creeping into your room. This isn’t a horror movie, but some of the incidences reported at hotels all around North America. Where are you staying tonight?

The Stanley Hotel

Estes Park, Colorado If this hotel could terrify Stephen King himself, you know it’s got to be spooky. The 138-room hotel was opened in 1909 by American businessman, Freelan Oscar Stanley. In recent years, guests have testified to seeing the long-dead Mr. Stanley and his wife roaming the hotel halls. The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s disturbing novel “The Shining,” which follows the journey of a man, his wife and son as terrifying hotel sightings lead them to insanity. When King checked in to the Stanley in 1973, he and his wife were the only guests at thehotel. During the stay, King claims to have encountered ghostly children wandering the halls and a party full of unworldly guests in MacGregor ballroom. King’s room, number 217, is the most requested, and is said to be haunted by Mrs. Wilson, a maid who was injured in an explosion in 1912… Click here to read the rest.
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