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Best Travel Journal With Prompts

Looking for a journal with creative travel prompts?

Grab my free *inspired storyteller* travel journal, which includes writing tips, uplifting quotes, and 56 prompts!


Hi, I'm Jessie

what type of traveler are you

there are many reasons i love travel; the way it connects people and allows them to share an experience, the feeling of ultimate freedom it provides, the way it awakens a sense of curiosity.

While I think guidebooks can be a helpful resource, I believe the beauty of travel comes less in seeing sites and more in experiencing places.

Now, I realize that the definition of an amazing trip varies from person to person, which is exactly why I designed this quiz to provide unique travel recommendations based on your personality.

Get ready to explore the world #BeyondTheGuidebook!

A little bit about me:
  • I started traveling solo after friends bailed on a summer trip through Europe. It is now my preferred way to see the world.
  • I'm passionate about not putting off your dreams, whether they're travel-related or not. The time to live your life shouldn't be restricted to two weeks per year vacation or retirement. It should be NOW.
  • Some of my favorite trips have been trekking through Nepal's Annapurna Himalayas, backpacking solo through South America for three months, exploring remote Bhutan, and hiking and wine tasting my way around the Azores.
  • I've been featured in top publications like USA TODAY, CNN, Forbes, Business Insider, and AOL Travel, as well as a travel web series with Bravo and a featured guest on BBC Travel TV (twice!).

 Ready to relive your favorite travel memories while igniting your creativity?

The travel journal prompts cover adventure, food, vacations, and more!


Don't forget to pin this printable travel journal PDF for later!

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