You’ve Never Seen Wild Like South Molle Island

Located in the Whitsundays in Australia, just between the Great Barrier Reef and the Queensland coast, exists an almost-deserted island where almost anything goes. The only thing on the island is a resort that includes many activities to entertain yourself during the day, such as restaurants, swimming pool, hot tub, spa, golf, snorkeling, non-motorized watersports, and trekking. However, whether you are too hungover from the night before to actually do anything aside from lay in bed will be the question.

While I have been to Cancun, Mexico for Grad Week, partied in Barcelona during Carnival, and flown to Las Vegas for Spring break, there is something about South Molle Island that sets it apart from the other party places of the world. There is a bar that opens up for dinner and stays open at night. I think the thing that really makes this spot unique is that there are no police or authority figures anywhere to be found, so really, anything goes. Don’t feel like wearing clothes to the bar? Go naked! Forget your swim suit? Skinny dip in jelly-fish infested water. Want to get so trashed you fall on your head while swinging on a stripper pole? I swear, these incidences really happened! In fact, I had a friend get so drunk she walked completely naked from one end of the island to the other. And, it was completely fine. The bar also put on a wet t-shirt contest, where contestants actually ran around the bar completely topless. This is completely acceptable on South Molle Island.

While I kept my clothes on while dancing, I can honestly say that staying at South Molle for a weekend was one of the best times of my life. Aside from there being nowhere to get food at 2AM (I NEED late night munchies when I’m drinking!), the laid-back attitude of the island combined with the serene island scenery during the day and the crazy nightlife after dark made this a destination that will forever stick out in my mind.

If you are interested in visiting South Molle Island and experiencing this beautiful mayhem for yourself, visit their website or e-mail them at

Suggested Itinerary: 

If you are going to be in the area, I would recommend beginning your trip in Frasier Island then sailing through the Whitsundays to South Molle Island. If you still have some time to spare, head down to Cairns where there are tons of extreme adventures to pursue, such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, and sky diving. You can also home-base here and do a day trip to scuba dive or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

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