Where Do The World’s Best Travelers Come From?

chilean flag

Chilean flag. Image via gabrielaaa.

There are many stereotypes that exist about different travelers –“loud” Americas, “rude” French, “drunk” Irish, “whiny” English. So while people think they know who they wouldn’t want to travel with, where do the world’s best behaved tourists come from?

CNN has answered that question in a recent article. While not a scientific study, the authority claims to know what they’re talking about. Either way, it’s still fun to read. So, how did Chile make the cut for first place?

“Chilled-out Chileans are true travellers, relishing the journey as much as the destination,” says CNN.

1. Chileans
2. Germans
3. Americans
4. Swedes
5. Japanese
6. Italians
7. Australians
8. Chinese
9. English
10. Canadians

Do you agree with this list?

Read the full story at CNN

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