Quiz: What Type Of Traveler Are You?

What Type Of Traveler Are You (Quiz)

What Type Of Traveler Are You?

There are many different types of travelers out there. And while often times nomads fit many molds, it can be helpful to get a better idea of what your travel personality is to better plan your trips (but more on that in the results!).

So, what type of traveler are you?

  1. What’s the #1 thing you look for when planning a trip?
  2. A happening nightlife scene.
    Hostels that cost less than $10 a night.
    A nice backpacker circuit for meeting other travelers.
    Skydiving, bunjee jumping, paragliding or all of the above.
    Readily available free WIFI.
    A variety of interesting museums.
    A beach full of hammocks.

  3. You’ve just arrived at your destination. What’s the first thing you do?
  4. Order a margarita. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!
    Sign up for a free walking tour.
    Plug in your phone, tablet, laptop and GoPro.
    Head to the art gallery you’ve been reading about.
    Take a nap.
    You’re already halfway up the nearest mountain.
    Logging on to CouchSurfing to meetup with locals.

  5. What’s your favorite meal on the road?
  6. Nothing messy. I don’t want my laptop keys to get sticky.
    Carbs! Got to keep me energy up.
    Whatever whatever.
    Street food.
    I use EatWith to dine with locals.
    Whatever I can grab on the go. It’s a bit awkward sitting in restaurants alone.

  7. Out of the following activities, which would you like to do most on your next trip?
  8. I’m down for anything that’s free.
    Live with a family for a month in a remote village.
    A pub crawl.
    I don’t plan. I just go with the flow.
    Summit Mount Everest.
    Get lost on my own exploring local neighborhoods.
    A local Instagram meetup.

  9. You get invited by some hostelmates to go out. What’s your response?
  10. You’re down for whatever.
    Sure! Going out with people breaks up the alone time, not that you mind it.
    No thanks. You’re taking part in a Google Hangout that night.
    They couldn’t ask you. You’re already out!
    Sure, but only a few drinks. You’ve got to be up early for some downhill biking.
    Sounds fun. But can we do the local art walk first? It’s only the first Friday of every month.
    Only if there’s no cover charge and we can pre-game beforehand. I don’t want to buy drinks inside.

  11. What’s your beverage of choice on the road?
  12. Powerade.
    I don’t drink. Unless you’re buying.
    The national cocktail.
    I’m happy with anything.
    Long Island Iced Tea with a side of shots.
    I just like making new friends in the hostel bar.
    I make drink with my Mixolgist app, then test how drunk I am with my Blood Alcohol Calculator app.

  13. What’s your ideal destination?
  14. Italy. The food, the culture, the people. Wow!
    Thailand. Colombia. Bolivia. Anywhere cheap!
    Europe or South America. Both have great backpacker circuits.
    Japan. They’re so technologically advanced.
    Queenstown. The adventure capital of the world!
    The Caribbean, or anywhere I can just chill out.
    Thailand. Full Moon Party, anyone?

  15. What’s one essential piece of travel gear you always have?
  16. My suitcase. It charges my iPhone and sends WIFI signals, plus I can track it with an app!
    Pickpocket-proof clothing. I have to lookout for myself.
    My shotglass necklace.
    My organic re-usable shopping bag for market hopping.
    My waterproof hiking boots and GoPro.
    Swimsuit and flip flops. That’s basically all I brought.
    Nalgene. I hate spending money on water bottles.

  17. If someone told you you won a free trip for two to Peru, what would you say?
  18. Sweet! I can hike Machu Picchu.
    Is there WIFI in Peru?
    Can’t wait to experience the Loki Hostel party scene!
    If it’s free it’s me 🙂
    Markets, Inca ruins and historic churches galore!
    Can I just take myself and go twice?
    Take me anywhere. I’m down.

  19. How do you get around?
  20. Local transport. I like to live like the locals.
    Walking. I hate spending money on cabs and buses.
    Party bus!
    No need. I’m asleep in the hammock.
    I’ve rented a motorcycle for myself.
    Public transportation. Taxis are too expensive for just one person.

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