Traveler’s Guide To Quirky Indiana

pork tenderloin

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Want to make your trip to Indiana more unusual? Simply add some of these quirky activities to your itinerary.

Follow The Tenderloin Trail

Indiana is famous for deep fried pork tenderloin sandwiches. In fact, they have a food trail that winds through the state called the Tenderloin Trail. The route hits the restaurants serving the best tenderloin sandwiches in Indiana. For example, The Mayberry Cafe in Danville offers a flavorful pork tenderloin sandwich the size of your head. Additionally, the eatery immerses guests in quirky nostalgia, as it used to be featured on the old Andy Griffith TV show. You’ll see a vintage squad car outside, while re-runs of the show play on a continuous loop inside. For a full list of Tenderloin Trail eateries, click here.

Dine At A 5-Star Restaurant…In A Cornfield

Located in the small, rural Indiana community of Roanoke, Joseph Decuis is a fine dining establishment surrounded by cornfields. The only 5-star restaurant in the area, their mission is to retain the quality of food and company during the times when people only ate what they “hunted, raised, bartered for, or bought from someone nearby.” This restaurant provides a true farm-to-fork experience, as you’ll be served foods fresh from their farm while sitting in an upscale dining area. While Jospeh Decuis focuses on locally-sourced, organic ingredients, it also boasts being the only restaurant in the United States to raise their own Wagyu Beef in an all-natural, humane way.

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