The Travel Quote Collection: Inspiring Nomads Everywhere

When I started Jessie on a Journey in 2011 I wasn’t quite sure what direction I wanted to take it in. In fact, if you look at my very early posts (eeek, please don’t), you’ll find awkwardly formatted accounts of nights out at local bars with friends and un-centered photos taken on hiking trails near my parent’s house on Long Island. Luckily, the site has since evolved, not only writing-wise, but also in terms of the experiences, services and products offered.

My most recent launch is the Jessie on a Journey Travel Shop, created with help from my wonderful website developer, Michael Pollock. While there are all kinds of products in the shop — jewelry, home goods, accessories, gadgets, games and more — one line I’m especially proud of is the Travel Quote Collection, with all photographs, graphics and artwork designed by me.

The Travel Quote Collection takes inspirational travel quotes and enhances them with wanderlust-inducing imagery and moving photographs.

The items shown are true statement pieces, evoking feelings, dreams and desires. Not only will you be showing off your love of travel and foreign lands, you’ll be igniting the travel bug in all those around you.

Here are some of my initial pieces for the collection. You can click on each image to be taken to the information page to learn more about the product. Note that each Travel Quote Collection design comes in a tote bag, home mug, travel mug, throw pillow, phone case, laptop case, tablet skin, duvet, sticker, print and shirt format. Once you click on a product and are taken to its page, you’ll see tabs underneath for other products featuring the same design.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Email me at jessieonajourney (at) gmail (dot) com or write in the comments below and let me know what your favorite quote is and what kind of scenery/a destination you’d like as a background, and I’ll come up with a custom design just for you. There’s no obligation to purchase if you’re not pleased with the final outcome.

Happy shopping!

What’s your favorite travel quote? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to my upcoming Travel Quote Collection creations!

travel quote

travel quote

travel quote

travel quote travel quote

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