Travel Hotlist: What Was Popular In 2012 And Projections For 2013


Ancient temple in Burma. Image via ZaNuDa.

Gemma Bowes of The Guardian released a report today on the hottest destinations and travel trends of 2012, as well as projections for 2013. Some finds include:

  • Popular Destinations: While new tours began launching in Burma in 2012 after the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, Sri Lanka continued to grow as a popular tourism destination from last year.
  • As the Rio Olympics in 2016 approaches, Brazil will become increasingly popular. Moreover, as many travelers check Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos off their bucket lists, they will begin to head further east to places like Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
  • Inspired by this year’s Olympics in London, travelers began to take more active vacations. This is expected to continue and grow into 2013 with running trips, trekking vacations and cycling journeys.
  • In terms of film, “The Rum Diary” had travelers flocking to Puerto Rico while “Skyfall” made Istanbul a popular getaway. In 2013, New Zealand is projected to be a popular destination thanks to the launch of “The Hobbit,” while Long Island will most likely see a surge in tourism due to the “Great Gatsby.”

To read more past and projected travel trends, head to The Guardian


  1. Interesting to see the trends on paper. I’ve been based in Thailand the past year, and can see trends happening, especially with respect to Burma and it’s growing popularity. It’s funny how trends can move in circles as well. When I first came out this way 12 years ago, it was more popular to head from Bangkok south through Malaysia (and possibly Singapore), then over to Indonesia. Now it seems this is starting to re-emerge. Thanks for the run down 🙂 Papa New Guinea certainly is on the hit-list. Perhaps I’ll fall into the trends 😉

    1. Very interesting! When I did SE Asia I did Thailand/Vietnam/Laos, just because I thought that’s what I was “supposed to do.” I think when people start doing something new and talking about it others get excited and realize they can also do this new thing. I’m also thinking I may fall into this new trend! ha

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