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Hi! My name is Jessie and I'm a professional travel blogger. (yes, it's a real thing)

While there are tons of travel bloggers out there, the truth is most are working themselves to exhaustion and not making a dime. You see, it takes more than a love of travel, or even good writing, to create a travel blog that generates income.

It takes blog clarity. It takes a business mindset. It takes making use of strategies that allow you to work less and enjoy life more while still making money (or else you'll burn out). 

I'm here to teach you these strategies in my hit monthly coaching program:  

Do you ever wish you had a coach to guide you 24/7 in your blog endeavors?

Use code "TBPTRIAL"  to enjoy one month of Travel Blog Prosperity for $1. If you like it, you can continue your membership for $49/month. Cancel anytime.

Yes, you read that right. Pay just $1 to try out a program that will give you exclusive access to 24/7 support, monthly master classes (with implementation checklists!), discounts on blogging products, live coaching calls and more.

Together, we'll transform your blog so that it has a clear mission, growing traffic and engaged readers that can't wait to buy your products and services (which we'll create together!). You'll learn how to gain the attention of brands, create content that gets shared, spend less time on social media while getting more results, rank higher in Google search and more!

Say wha?!

*Losing motivation and feeling spent. You just wish someone would tell you the secret to working less hours more effectively (instead of burning the midnight oil doing things that get little results!). 

*Slumping in your office chair in defeat as the words blur on yet the 100th "informative" article you've read this week. There's just too much information on the internet. You're looking for simple and actionable answers for success. 

*Losing patience trying to figure out what strategies are right for your brand (and, while you're at it, how to properly brand yourself!). You have topics in mind, but you're not sure how to turn your interests into a profitable blogging business.

Be honest. Does any of this sound familiar?

*Running on the hamster wheel and receiving little in return for your efforts. Whether you're new to blogging or have been at it for awhile, you feel exhausted from all the writing, Tweeting, photographing and guest posting. When does real growth come?

*Feeling unfulfilled by what you do. Too many people wake up everyday to do a job they don't feel passionate about. You're meant for more and you know it. 

*Nearly crying (or maybe bursting into tears) because you just don't understand the robot-speak of blogging articles. You have the drive, but just need someone to put in step-by-step terms exactly what you need to do to succeed!

Did you raise your hand for any of the above? Awesome! You've come to the right place.

For as long as you'd like to work together, I will be your fairy "blogging" mother. 

Look, to change how things are going you need to make a change. If you want to live your passion, start that profitable blog and gain a tribe of people who can't wait to hear what you have to say next, you need to do something different from what you're doing now.

how to be a blogger

*Making money working with brands you already love and getting paid to travel the world (yes, it's possible).

*Quitting tasks that drain you, and instead focusing on what grows your blog.

*Waking up each morning full of clarity, passion and purpose.

*Enjoying time freedom and working on your own schedule from anywhere in the world.

Just imagine...

*Becoming an expert in your niche and having a community of people looking to you for answers.

*Building a relationship with your readers and understanding what they want. No more guessing.

*Automating your routine so you work less hours each week while increasing your traffic and earning more money. 

*Standing out from all the other blogs by being yourself.

And best of all, having expert guidance every step of the way.

Working from home, from Italy or anywhere else you can travel with a laptop, while also paying off your debt and enjoying time freedom (instead of the daily grind).

Being an expert in your niche and having tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dedicated readers each month eating up your content.

Here's How *Travel Blog Prosperity* Works

Finding your ideal workflow and cutting down your screen time. No nights and weekends for you! You focus on the tasks that bring results and reap the rewards of a comfortable salary and free time.

Travel Blog Prosperity is an ongoing coaching service meant for anyone looking to start or grow a travel blog. The tactics taught are also relevant to other niche blogs, though most case studies and examples will focus on travel.

For less than $50 per month, you'll get access to a crazy amount of actionable content. This isn't another class. It's a membership providing ongoing training , support and tools for travel blogging success. 

The program begins as soon as you enroll, and you'll get an entire month for $1 (use code "TBPTRIAL" at checkout). Then, if you decide it's for you, you'll pay just $49 per month after. Cancel any time. 

Each month, we'll get laser focused on a different topic. Some areas we'll cover include:

  • Branding your blog for success (your free trial topic)
  • Creating and implementing a social media strategy (that doesn't require you to be on every channel)
  • Growing (and monetizing) your email list on autopilot 
  • Building products and services your readers will actually want to buy 
  • Crafting better blog content (that people won't be able to resist sharing) 
  • Landing paying partnerships and press trips 
  • And more! 

The monthly format is simple and will take only 2-3 hours of your time to digest. That's just a couple hours each month to make real progress (with the rest left for implementation and coaching!). It goes like this:

Part 1: A step-by-step implementation guide on the topic so you understand exactly what you need to do to put the month's strategy into practice. A workbook will be included each month. 

Part 2: A video lesson to drive home teachings in a visual manner and take you behind the scenes. 

Part 3: An implementation checklist so you don't miss a step. 

Part 4: A live Q&A coaching call at the end of the month so you can get your questions answered about the month's topic.

At any time, you can ask for guidance in our private Facebook group. 

This format ensures that no matter what your learning style is, you'll benefit from the month's teachings. Instead of purchasing 15 different courses to learn everything you need to know about running an online blogging business, you'll get all the information you need in one place, with 24/7 guidance. 

Oh, and speaking of guidance. Here is what's included in your monthly membership:

In-depth classes complete with workbooks, checklists and action plans each month

Entry into a private Facebook group where you'll be able to collaborate with your peers and ask me questions 24/7

Access to a weekly Opportunities Newsletter to help you land paying gigs and partnerships

Exclusive discounts on blogging products and services from top brands

Monthly live Q&A call to ask me questions about the month's focus topic

Exclusive bonuses, including a list of 50+ blogger networks you can join *right now* to start earning money working with brands 

Use code "TBPTRIAL" to enjoy one month of Travel Blog Prosperity for $1. If you like it, continue your membership for $49/month. Cancel anytime.

So who is Jessie anyway?

Hey there! I'm Jessie, aka Jessie on a Journey. I started blogging in 2011, and since then have grown a profitable (and fun!) business that allows me to travel the world -- and get paid doing it. 

I'm not talking just free trips here. I'm talking actual money that allows me to earn a viable income doing what I love. 

A little bit about me: 

  • I've worked with renowned brands like Qantas Airways, Mastercard, South African Tourism, Marriott and many more. 
  • I've been featured in top publications like USA TODAY, CNN, Business Insider and AOL Travel. 
  • I've spoken at notable conferences like the New York Travel Festival, iSugar and FindSpark. 
  • I've been coaching bloggers -- both those just starting out and those who've been at it for awhile -- for over three years. My students aren't just travel bloggers either; I've had students blogging about vegan eating, basketball, sewing, psychology, self help and beyond.

See what past Travel Blog Prosperity students are saying:

Casandra Boyce Lopez,

"Mermaid With An Appetite"

Before discovering Jessie on A Journey Travel Blog Prosperity coaching program I had just recently created my first blog. I knew nothing about blogging and was struggling to figure out how to go about creating a blog that could potentially be successful. I felt a bit lost and overwhelmed and wasn’t sure in which direction to invest my time and efforts. I somehow stumbled upon the Travel Blog Prosperity coaching program, and now feel so lucky to have found it and given myself the opportunity to enroll in the course. In just 2 months I have learned so much and my blog has improved in so many aspects that I can’t even imagine all the amazing things that I will learn and implement in the courses for the following months. The coaching program includes great videos, workbooks, tons of information and plenty of opportunities to discuss with Jessie any blog related questions. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking for an excellent resource to provide hands on blog guidance.

Sky Fisher,

"Sky vs World"

Travel Blog Prosperity is the best investment I have EVER made in my blog. And trust me, I've made a lot of regrettable "investments" since I started my blog. Within days of signing up, I had received more than I could have ever expected for the monthly fee. Jessie delves deep into each topic and offers actionable steps to implement each topic on your own blog. There's so many "extras" included in Travel Blog Prosperity too, like monthly coaching calls and the forums where you can get not just Jessie's help but suggestions from others in the course as well, and the Weekly Opportunities email is great for those ready to work with brands and destinations. Travel Blog Prosperity is a definite game changer!

Dr. Peter Prevos

"Horizon of Reason"

Jessie's Travel Blog Prosperity is the most practical and hands-on course about blogging you can find. Don't let the name fool you, it is not only useful for travel bloggers.

Melissa Cogswell,

"Obsessive Travel Mama" 

I wanted to take this chance to tell you THANK YOU Jessie. I will definitely be back next month and every month after that. I can't get over how professional looking and amazing my blog looks already. I did end up changing my name and decided to just go ahead and get a brand new website with a new domain name and I've been slowly moving things over from the old site to the new one. It has helped so much to be able to sit down and write down things like who my audience is, what my mission statement will be, and designing a logo and picking consistent colors/fonts/etc. for my blog. I couldn't have gotten there without the great coursework you laid out for me. It's a tremendous start.

Craig Orlet,

"My Travel Odyssey" 

What initially impressed me the most about Jessie is her response time to emails. If you have any questions about anything she responds either the same day or next consistently, and that attention to her students is a rare commodity indeed. Her Travel Blog Prosperity course is nothing short of a must-join for any beginner blogger, and even a seasoned blogger I'm sure would learn a few things. The information is laid out in great detail to where a true rookie like myself can put together a functioning website and be proud of how far I have come.

Angela Giles Patel

"Angela Giles Patel"

Although I am not starting a travel blog, the information I have learned so far has helped me more than I could have hoped. Jessie clearly knows what she is doing and she is generously sharing what she has learned.

Morgan McCullough

"The Excursionist"

I couldn’t imagine starting my blog without Travel Blog Prosperity. Jessie has put an incredible amount of careful planning and effort into this course. All information is detailed and organized in a way that I am not overwhelmed and intimidated by the incredible amount of work that goes into making a website. I am learning marketing skills and how to best maximize my audience, and through it all I am not alone thanks to monthly video calls and quick replies from Jessie. This has been a meaningful and essential investment to the current situation and to the future of my blog. I am grateful to have a fairy “blogging” mother that is so invested in the prosperity of her students' blogs.

Are you ready to enjoy true blogging clarity?

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Use code "TBPTRIAL" to enjoy one month of Travel Blog Prosperity for $1. If you like it, continue your membership for $49/month. Cancel anytime.

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