Travel ASMR: A Relaxing Toiletries Tour [Video]

One of my favorite things about staying in a hotel is the (sometimes) awesome toiletries you get access to. I still remember after one particularly long hostel-filled backpacking trip through South America flying to meet my then-boyfriend at a hotel in Colorado.

They have handmade jasmine soap?! And shampoo?! I’d explained, way too excitedly. Before you judge, I’d also like to say I had been washing my hair with Dove bar soap for the past month. My enthusiasm was warranted.

In this week’s Travel ASMR video, we’ll take a relaxing tour of the travel toiletries I’ve collected from hotels around the world.   Some ASMR triggers used in the video include whispering, tapping, splashing, massage and scratching.

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*Featured image courtesy of Matt Chan via flickr

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