Travel ASMR: An Amazon Journey Travel Doctor Visit [Video]

In this week’s Travel ASMR video, you’ll be heading to the travel doctor for a checkup and vaccinations before a trip to the Amazon Jungle. The Jessie on a Journey Travel Doctor office specializes in non-traditional health therapies and tingle-inducing techniques. Some ASMR triggers used in the video include whispering, tapping, personal attention and hair playing. Green screen fun is included.

If you’ve never seen an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) video before it may be a bit weird at first, as ASMR is a phenomenon not everyone experiences; however, those of us who do know how powerful it can be for stress relief, inducing sleep and relaxation. You can read more about ASMR here, as well as how I use it to relax on the road here.

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Did you enjoy this ASMR travel doctor visit? What are your favorite kinds of ASMR videos?

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