The Strangest Things Confiscated By The TSA

The rules for what can be taken on a plane can sometimes be confusing. And while the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confiscates its fair share of toiletries, there are other items that are much more surprising. In fact, in the past year there have been some pretty outrageous finds, some of which include:

  • Cell Phone Stun Guns- Stun guns that look like your everyday cell phone
  • Bear mace
  • Chainsaw — with gas – One passenger flying from Elmira, NY, actually attempted to bring a gassed-up chainsaw onto the airplane
  • At-4 Rocket Launcher- This military-sized rocket launcher was discovered at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport (LBE) in Latrobe, Pennsylvania
  • Dagger Brush/Comb- This item has been found numerous times in the past year, proving this deadly weapon — that looks just like an everyday comb — is not all that uncommon
  • Peanut Butter Pot- It appears pot heads enjoy hiding their stash in jars of creamy peanut butter
  • A Child Walker with Mounted Knife- Don’t think the TSA isn’t going to search your child’s stroller for weapons. One passenger at JFK International was so confident the TSA wouldn’t search their walker they actually mounted a knife directly on the outside.
  • Guns stored in odd places – While guns themselves aren’t such a surprising find, sometimes they’re found in odd places, like inside stuffed animals or potted plants

Moreover, it’s not just what you bring on a plane that can cause a disturbance, but what you say. Here are some real-life examples taken from The TSA Blog of what not to say:

  • At Miami International Airport, a passenger delayed five flights for almost five hours and inconvenienced 1,027 passengers by saying he had a full bag of dynamite. The passenger was arrested on a state charge.
  • When a passenger at Orlando International Airport was told she could not get her checked luggage out of the plane, she stated “Well what if I had put a bomb in it? Can I get it back then?”

To read more, read the original article on Digital Trends. You can also check out The TSA Blog for weekly updates of interesting finds.


  1. Ha, I know, right! I’m generally afraid to even smile at the airport, so I don’t know how people have the guts to make bomb jokes lol.

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